Home Restoration

Professional Home Restoration Services In Denver

Sometimes disasters strike, old wood finally gets too old, or the overlooked details of wear and tear finally show up in an ugly way. Thankfully, Pinnacle Builders can turn any kind of damage into a welcome update for your home. We can work with insurance companies or direct too. 

Maybe you are looking to sell your home and found out through some inspections that you have some larger problems that need to be fixed. Maybe your home had a small fire or a pipe leaked from an upstairs bathroom. Maybe you took that last playoff game a little too hard and have some rather large holes in the wall. Regardless of what happened to your home, there is now an opportunity to fix it and maybe upgrade with the experienced, professional master construction team at Pinnacle Builders.

Large or small home restoration projects work just fine for us. We look to repair and upgrade the major elements of the structure and finish everything in a way that makes you just maybe a little glad all this happened, because it looks so much better! We can repair and restore things like:
• Kitchen fire damage
• Kitchen water damage
• Wood warping / aging
• Mold damage & wood / drywall replacement
Flooring and subfloor beams
• Ceiling water damage
• Old wood restoration and/or replacement
• Structural wood repairs and/or enhancements

Home restoration projects do not have to be hard or expensive with the right partner. Choose Pinnacle Builders serving the Denver metro area for all your home restoration and construction needs.