Home Construction Renovations

Expert Level Home Construction Remodeling Services

From custom build-outs, fireplaces, bookcases, new rooms, wall removal, ceiling beams and more.

Are you looking to add a new room to your home? Or maybe you would like to blow out some walls to make room for better entertaining? Maybe you want to enhance your ceiling with recessed lighting and newly stained exposed beams? At Pinnacle Builders, our full range of services make all these projects possible. We are your one-stop company for high-quality work on any construction project in your home.

Please note: During this COVID-19 pandemic we especially realize the thought of any construction project in your home might sound stressful. At Pinnacle Builders we strive to make the project as seamless as possible with the least amount of interference with daily life within your home. All proper cleaning methods are used. We cover all floors, tent rooms with plastic where possible and clean up after each day’s work. In today’s crazy climate, the mitigation of COVID-19 spread is important to us. Masks and sanitizing are used frequently. We want to be safe and provide the best work for you at the same time.

Construction remodeling doesn’t have to be hard or expensive with the right partner. Choose Pinnacle Builders for all your home construction needs.